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Data rate units: Quiz


Question 1: 8,388,608 ________, or
Bit rateData rate unitsGigabitMegabyte

Question 2: 1,024 ________, or
Video codecBit rateVideo compressionData compression

Question 3: 8,388,608 ________, or
GigabitBit rateMegabyteData rate units

Question 4: 8,589,934,592 ________, or
Bit rateGigabitData rate unitsMegabyte

Question 5: 8,388,608 ________.
Bit rateData compressionVideo compressionVideo codec

Question 6: A kilobit per second (kbit/s or kb/s or kbps) is a unit of ________ equal to:
Video codecBit rateData compressionVideo compression

Question 7: A mebibit per second (Mibit/s or Mib/s) is a unit of ________ equal to:
Data compressionBit rateVideo codecVideo compression

Question 8: 1,024 mebibits per second.* 1,024 mebibits per second.* 1,024 ________.
MegabyteGigabitBit rateData rate units

Question 9: In telecommunications, ________ or data transfer rate is the average number of bits, characters, or blocks per unit time passing between equipment in a data transmission system.
Data compressionBit rateVideo compressionVideo codec

Question 10: 1,000 ________, or
Bit rateGigabitMegabyteData rate units


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