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Data mining: Quiz


Question 1: The premier professional body in the field is the ________'s Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD).
Association for Computing MachineryACM SIGACTWomen in computingComputer science

Question 2: Weiss and Indurkhya Predictive Data Mining, ________.
CaliforniaAcademic PressMorgan Kaufmann PublishersImprint

Question 3: A common source for data is a datamart or ________.
Data warehouseDatabase normalizationMaster Data ManagementOnline analytical processing

Question 4: [32] In particular, data mining government or commercial data sets for national security or law enforcement purposes, such as in the ________ Program or in ADVISE, has raised privacy concerns.
NSA call databaseInformation Awareness OfficeSurveillanceMass surveillance

Question 5: Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from ________.
Statistical graphicsDataStatisticsExperiment

Question 6: Data mining techniques have also been applied for dissolved gas analysis (DGA) on ________.
InductorNikola TeslaTransformer typesTransformer

Question 7: In the area of electrical power engineering, data mining techniques have been widely used for ________ of high voltage electrical equipment.
Bode plotDiscrete Fourier transformVibrationCondition monitoring

Question 8: In the area of study on human genetics, the important goal is to understand the mapping relationship between the inter-individual variation in human ________ sequences and variability in disease susceptibility.
RNANucleic acidDNAProtein

Question 9: In this context patterns often means ________.
Association rule learningR (programming language)BioinformaticsData mining

Question 10: Feldman, Ronen and James Sanger The Text Mining Handbook, ________, ISBN 9780521836579.
EnglandAuthorized King James VersionCambridge University PressOxford University Press

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