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Data flow diagram: Quiz


Question 1: Data-flow diagrams were invented by ________, the original developer of structured design,[2] based on Martin and Estrin's "data-flow graph" model of computation.
Software engineeringComputingStructured analysisLarry Constantine

Question 2: Data-flow diagrams (DFDs) are one of the three essential perspectives of the structured-systems analysis and design method ________.
Structured Systems Analysis and Design MethodRapid application developmentDynamic Systems Development MethodStructured analysis

Question 3: ________ was described by Edward Yourdon in Just Enough Structured Analysis.
Unified Modeling LanguageUse caseActivity diagramEvent partitioning

Question 4:
Data flow diagram, Copyright and Data are all:
Visualization (graphic) Data management Systems analysis Diagrams

Question 5:
Data flow diagram, Flowchart and Mind map are all:
Visualization (graphic) Diagrams Data management Systems analysis

Question 6:
Data flow diagram, Failure mode and effects analysis and Systems analysis are all:
Data management Visualization (graphic) Diagrams Systems analysis

Question 7:
Data flow diagram, Gestalt psychology and Cartography are all:
Data management Systems analysis Visualization (graphic) Diagrams

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