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Data Encryption Standard: Quiz


Question 1: The cost decrease by roughly a factor of 25 over the EFF machine is an impressive example for the continuous improvement of ________.
Logic gateIntegrated circuitComputerDigital electronics

Question 2: The algorithm is also specified in ANSI X3.92,[12] NIST SP 800-67[11] and ISO/IEC 18033-3[13] (as a component of ________).
Advanced Encryption StandardData Encryption StandardTriple DESCOCONUT98

Question 3: A Fast New DES Implementation in Software Cracking DES: Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics, and Chip Design, ________
Free Software FoundationDigital rights managementIntellectual propertyElectronic Frontier Foundation

Question 4: DES consequently came under intense academic scrutiny which motivated the modern understanding of ________ and their cryptanalysis.
Block cipherData Encryption StandardAvalanche effectAdvanced Encryption Standard

Question 5: On 17 March 1975, the proposed DES was published in the ________.
Law libraryNational Archives and Records AdministrationFederal RegisterAdministrative Procedure Act

Question 6: The algorithm which was selected as the AES was submitted by its designers under the name ________.
Block cipherIntegral cryptanalysisData Encryption StandardAdvanced Encryption Standard

Question 7: DES has also been proved not to be a group, or more precisely, the set {EK} (for all possible keys K) under ________ is not a group, nor "close" to being a group (Campbell and Wiener, 1992).
ExponentiationFunction compositionInverse functionFunction (mathematics)

Question 8: The algorithm was initially controversial with classified design elements, a relatively short key length, and suspicions about a ________ (NSA) backdoor.
Central Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security AgencyUnited States

Question 9: 120 of these ________ (FPGAs) of type XILINX Spartan3-1000 run in parallel.
Application-specific integrated circuitSystem-on-a-chipProgrammable logic deviceField-programmable gate array

Question 10: It was subsequently reaffirmed as the standard in 1983, 1988 (revised as FIPS-46-1), 1993 (FIPS-46-2), and again in 1999 (FIPS-46-3), the latter prescribing "________" (see below).
Triple DESData Encryption StandardAdvanced Encryption StandardCOCONUT98


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