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Question 1: In ________, geography, nuclear magnetic resonance and technical drawing it is often used to refer to a single specific reference datum from which distances to all other data are measured.
MapCartographySpatial analysisGeographic information system

Question 2: Data are often viewed as the lowest level of ________ from which information and knowledge are derived.

Question 3: Some British and international academic, scientific and professional ________[2] require that authors treat data as a plural noun.
Hart's RulesStyle guideAcademic publishingCitation

Question 4: In discussions of problems in geometry, mathematics, ________, and so on, the terms givens and data are used interchangeably.
Electrical engineeringMechanical engineeringEngineeringCivil engineering

Question 5: Some major newspapers such as the ________ use it alternately in the singular or plural.
The New York TimesThe New York Times CompanyInternational Herald TribuneThe Boston Globe

Question 6: Such usage is the origin of data as a concept in ________: data are numbers, words, images, etc., accepted as they stand.
Computer programmingComputer scienceSoftware engineeringProgramming paradigm

Question 7: Other international organizations, such as the ________,[3] allow its usage as either a mass noun or plural based on author preference.
IEEE Reliability SocietyIEEE Control Systems SocietyIEEE Computer SocietyIEEE Communications Society

Question 8: Such data is typically further processed by a human or input into a ________, stored and processed there, or transmitted (output) to another human or computer (possibly through a data cable).
Central processing unitPersonal computerComputerLinux

Question 9: The main difference is in the level of ________ being considered.

Question 10: The terms ________ and knowledge are frequently used for overlapping concepts.
InformationSystems engineeringArtificial intelligenceElectrical engineering

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