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Question 1:
What company manufactures Dassault Mirage III?

Question 2:
What is Dassault Mirage III's current status?
Active service
Updating every day

Question 3: The aircraft would have been produced by Boeing, but it lost to the Northrop ________.
Canadair CF-5F-20 TigersharkNorthrop F-5F/A-18 Hornet

Question 4: ________: 387 kg/m² (79 lb/ft²)
F-104 StarfighterGlider (sailplane)Wing loadingF-16 Fighting Falcon

Question 5:
How many Dassault Mirage IIIs have been built?
KC-10: 60

Question 6:
What type is thing is Dassault Mirage III?

Question 7: It incorporated the new ________ concept, where changes to the cross section of an aircraft were made as gradual as possible, resulting in the famous "wasp waist" configuration of many supersonic fighters.
Sound barrierArea ruleAerodynamicsSwept wing

Question 8: The Mirage fighter aircraft series is featured in the popular French comic ________.
Tanguy et LaverdureFranco-Belgian comicsJean-Michel CharlierBuck Danny

Question 9: One Mirage IIIB was fitted with a fly-by-wire flight control system in the mid-1970s and redesignated Mirage IIIB-SV (Stabilité Variable); this aircraft was used as a testbed for the system in the later ________.
Dassault Mirage IIIDassault Mirage 2000Dassault Mirage F1Dassault Rafale

Question 10: ________
FranceEgyptSpainList of Dassault Mirage III operators


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