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Dasein: Quiz


Question 1: In German, Dasein is the German vernacular term for ________, as in I am pleased with my existence (ich bin mit meinem Dasein zufrieden).

Question 2: The fundamental mode of Being is not that of a subject or of the objective but of the coherence of ________.
Edmund HusserlHeideggerian terminologyMartin HeideggerExistentialism

Question 3: Establishing this difference is the general motif running through ________.
Being and TimeGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMartin HeideggerJacques Derrida

Question 4: For ________, the term "Dasein" meant existence in its most minimal sense, the realm of objectivity and science, in opposition to what Jaspers called "Existenz", the realm of authentic being.
Jürgen HabermasKarl JaspersAristotleImmanuel Kant

Question 5: In ________, Heidegger opens by positing that the potentialities of Dasein's Being extend beyond the realms disclosed by positive science or in the history of metaphysics.
Being and TimeJacques DerridaGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMartin Heidegger

Question 6: Beings are Dasein even when they are ________ wrapped up in a tradition which obscures the authentic choice to live within and transmit this tradition.

Question 7: The word Dasein was used by several philosophers before Heidegger, most notably ________, with the meaning of human "existence" or "presence".
AtheismAntireligionAgnosticismLudwig Andreas Feuerbach

Question 8: Heidegger was adamant about this distinction, which carried on ________'s critique of the subject.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheImmanuel KantExistentialism

Question 9: Heidegger used the concept of Dasein to uncover the primal nature of "________" (Sein) which Descartes and Kant left unexplored.

Question 10: Dasein is a German word famously used by Martin Heidegger in his magnum opus ________.
Jacques DerridaExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelBeing and Time


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