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Darmstadtium: Quiz


Question 1: Darmstadtium is projected to be the eighth member of the 6d series of transition metals and the heaviest member of group 10 in the Periodic Table, below ________, palladium and platinum.

Question 2: This synthetic element is one of the so-called ________ and was first synthesized in 1994.
CaliforniumUraniumTransuranium elementPlutonium

Question 3: [2] This reaction was successfully repeated in 2000 by GSI (4 atoms), in 2000 [6] [7] and 2004 [8] [9] by LBNL (9 atoms in total) and in 2002 by ________ (14 atoms).
Hantaro NagaokaPaul DiracPhysicsRIKEN

Question 4: Four ________ of it were detected by a nuclear fusion reaction caused by bombarding a lead-208 target with nickel-62 ions: [1]

Question 5: The first synthesis of ________ resulted in two atoms assigned to 288Uuq, decaying to the 280Ds which underwent spontaneous fission.

Question 6: The longest-lived and heaviest isotope known is 281aDs with a half-life of ~10 s although a possible nuclear isomer, 281bDs has an unconfirmed ________ of about 4 minutes.
Nuclear fissionCosmic rayHalf-lifeRadioactive decay

Question 7: They decided on the former and named the element after the city near the place of its discovery, ________ and not the suburb Wixhausen itself.
DarmstadtOffenbach am MainKasselFrankfurt am Main

Question 8: The new name was officially recommended by ________ on August 16, 2003.
International Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryIUPAC nomenclaturePotassiumCarbon

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