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Dark Wave: Quiz


Question 1: [4][5] The British post-punk groups that inspired ________ provided initial impetus for the movement.
Goth subcultureDeathrockGothic rockNoise rock

Question 2: [23] This style took cues from 1980s bands, like ________.
Cocteau TwinsPeppermint PigRobin GuthrieSimon Raymonde

Question 3: Dark wave, also written as darkwave, is a ________ that began in the late 1970s, coinciding with the popularity of New Wave and post-punk.
Classical musicComposerMusic genreMusic industry

Question 4: In Italy bands like ________ and Diaframma was reaching also some commercial success.
Piero PelùDesaparecido (album)LitfibaLitfiba 3

Question 5: electronic New Wave music (also called Electro Wave in Germany) with Gothic rock, or used elements of ambient and ________.
Progressive rockKrautrockPost-industrial musicNoise (music)

Question 6: Attrition,[15] In The Nursery and Pink Industry (UK), ________ (Netherlands), mittageisen (Switzerland),[16] Die Form (France), and Psyche (Canada) played this music in the 1980s.
Dark WaveClan of XymoxMetropolis RecordsI:Scintilla

Question 7: As a result, dark wave is linked to the ________.
DeathrockGothic rockGoth subcultureGothic fiction

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