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Darius I of Persia: Quiz


Question 1: Darius also built a canal to connect the ________ and Mediterranean.
Indian OceanBlack SeaRed SeaArctic Ocean

Question 2: During Darius's Greek expedition, he had taken on building programs in Susa, Egypt and ________.

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Darius I of Persia have?

Question 4: He had tried many tricks and strategies, and at one point had even tried the method that ________ had used when he had initially captured Babylon.
IranAchaemenid EmpireCyrus the GreatAlexander the Great

Question 5:

Question 6: A major event in Darius' life was his expedition to punish ________ and Eretria and subjugate Greece (an attempt which failed).

Question 7: [19] In many ________ inscriptions denoting his achievements, he presents himself a devout believer perhaps even convinced that he had a divine right to rule over the world.
Old Persian cuneiformCuneiform scriptSumerAkkadian language

Question 8:
When was Darius I of Persia born?
550 BCE

Question 9: Darius had dualistic convictions and believed that each rebellion in his kingdom was the work of Drug, the enemy of ________.

Question 10: He had also observed Egyptian religious rites related to kingship and had built the temple for the Egyptian God, ________.
AmunAncient Egyptian religionEgyptian pantheonOsiris


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