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Question 1: Prior to this, only Second Chapter had been available on CD, for a brief period in ________ in 1993.

Question 2: After Green left in 1970, the band considered splitting up,[6] but they continued briefly as a four-piece before recruiting keyboard player ________.
Stevie NicksChristine McVieLindsey BuckinghamFleetwood Mac

Question 3: a reaction to ________ taken at a party in Munich, Germany in 1969.
MDMADextrorphanLysergic acid diethylamideDextromethorphan

Question 4: Kirwan first appeared on the huge instrumental hit single "Albatross", the ________ of which was his first published tune, the Django Reinhardt–inspired instrumental "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues".
Cover versionQueen (band)SomethingA-side and B-side

Question 5: The ________ of this single was the instrumental "World in Harmony", the only track ever to receive a "Kirwan/Green" joint songwriting credit.
A-side and B-sideCover versionQueen (band)Something

Question 6: Lyrical themes rarely ventured beyond ________.
Chemical basis for loveJealousyLoveLimerence

Question 7: Kirwan also worked on the first solo album from a then-current member of Fleetwood Mac, when Jeremy Spencer released his ________ titled album in 1970.
DoriansJulius CaesarEponymScientific phenomena named after people

Question 8: [5] The ________ of the single, "The Purple Dancer", was written by Kirwan, Fleetwood and John McVie and uniquely featured Kirwan and Spencer duetting on lead vocals.
SomethingQueen (band)A-side and B-sideCover version

Question 9: 1976's Midnight in San Juan featured a reggae-inspired cover of ________' "Let It Be", which was released as a single in the USA.
The BeatlesStrawberry Fields ForeverI Want to Hold Your HandGeorge Harrison

Question 10: During the 1980s and 1990s, he endured a period of homelessness living in ________.


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