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Question 1: Founder: Ramazan Bey from Yüreğir Oghuz clan • Capitals: Adana
Important centers and extension: ________Tarsus
Dynasty: Ramazanoğlu İbrahim Bey (1344-?) • Ramazanoğlu Ahmed Bey (?

Question 2: In 1155, Seljuk Sultan Kilij Arslan II attacked Melik Yaghibasan, who sought help from Nur ad-Din, the Zengid emir of ________.
IraqKurdish peopleMosulBaghdad

Question 3: The centered originally around Sivas, Tokat, and Niksar in central-northeastern ________, they extended as far west as Ankara and Kastamonu for a time, and as far south as Malatya, which they captured in 1103.
IstanbulAnatoliaTurkish peopleTurkey

Question 4: Danishmends established themselves in Anatolia in the aftermath of the ________ in 1071, in which the Seljuks defeated the Byzantine Empire and captured most of Anatolia.
John II KomnenosBattle of MyriokephalonByzantine–Seljuk WarsBattle of Manzikert

Question 5: Virtually all Danishmend rulers entered the traditions of the ________, where they are all referred to as "Melik Gazi".
Turkish literatureYaşar KemalNâzım HikmetTurkish folk literature

Question 6: The Danishmend dynasty was a Turcoman dynasty that ruled in north-central and eastern ________ in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Turkish peopleIstanbulTurkeyAnatolia

Question 7: - ?) • Ramazanoğlu Kubad Bey (1517-?)
1516: Icorporation (by submission) into the ________ under Selim I1516 - 1608: Dynasty members as Beys of Ottoman sanjak of Adana until 1608.
Ottoman EmpireIstanbulTurkeyTurkish people

Question 8: In early 12th century, Danishmends were rivals of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm, which controlled much of the territory surrounding the Danishmend lands, and they fought extensively with the ________.
East–West SchismFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCounter-ReformationCrusades

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