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Question 1: It can be the only distinguishing feature between certain words, thus creating ________ (e.g.
German languageMinimal pairSpanish languageEnglish language

Question 2:
What family does Danish language belong to?

Question 3: The phenomenon is also comparable to ________ pronunciations of English.
Alveolar approximantAlveolar trillRhotic and non-rhotic accentsAlveolar tap

Question 4: The Bornholmish dialect has also maintained to this day many ancient features, such as a distinction between three ________, which the central Island Danish dialects gave up during the 20th century.
Grammatical genderInflectionNoun classGrammatical number

Question 5: Danish words are largely derived from the ________, with new words formed by compounding.
Old Norse morphologyOld NorseNorth Germanic languagesGermanic languages

Question 6:
Danish language, Swedish language and Norwegian language are all:
Languages of Norway Scandinavia North Germanic languages Languages of Denmark

Question 7:
Who of the following spoke at the Danish language?
c. 6 million

Question 8: Until 2009, it had also been one of two official languages of ________ (alongside Greenlandic).
MadeiraGreenlandFaroe IslandsAzores

Question 9: Modern Standard Danish has 20 vowel ________.
English orthographyInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhonologyPhoneme

Question 10: All but two of these vowels may be either long and short, with the exceptions being ________ and /ɐ/.
SchwaPortuguese languageVowel lengthEnglish language

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