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Question 1: The first course is typically ________, although a wide variety of other appetizers are becoming more common.
Pelagic fishForage fishFish anatomyFish

Question 2: ________ and condiments are an important part of the Danish meal:
Dip (food)Japanese cuisineSauceSalad

Question 3: The Danish kolde bord (translated, the cold buffet) corresponds to its Swedish counterpart, the ________ (in Swedish, Smörgåsbord).
Swedish cuisineSmörgåsbordDenmarkSweden

Question 4: ________, made from blood (Blodpølse)
PortugalSpainSausageBlack pudding

Question 5: Since it shares its climate and agricultural practices with the other Scandinavian countries, and some of Central and ________, Danish cuisine has much in common with them.
Eastern EuropeSouthern EuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 6: ________ (Risalamande) -- Commonly eaten at Christmas-night, served with hot cherry-sauce.
Rice puddingTavuk göğsüPekmezTurkish Delight

Question 7: Rødgrød med fløde is often jokingly used by Danes as a shibboleth, as it contains several ________, or "soft d's", which most foreigners find painstakingly difficult to pronounce.
Voiceless alveolar fricativeVoiceless dental fricativeVoiced dental fricativeVoiced alveolar fricative

Question 8: Similar to the julefrokost is the påskefrokost (________ lunch) which is also widely celebrated, however not as widely as the julefrokost.
Liturgical yearEasterComputusJesus

Question 9: ________ sauce (peberrodssovs), a cream sauce served with roast beef or prime rib.
GarlicFennelMustard (condiment)Horseradish

Question 10: Other types of bread are sold in ________ and in bakeries, which are important shops in every town and shopping centre.
FoodCostcoSupermarketSafeway Inc.


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