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Daniel Defoe: Quiz


Question 1:
What did Daniel Defoe do for a living?
former FBI agent and spy for the Soviet Union and later Russia
Spy for Jackson Montgomery
journalist, WWII spy, & author
Writer, journalist, spy

Question 2:
When is Daniel Defoe's birthday?

Question 3: Daniel Defoe (c.1659 – 24 April 1731[1]), born Daniel Foe, was an English writer, journalist, and pamphleteer, who gained enduring fame for his novel ________.
Robinson CrusoeWilliam DampierCastawayHayy ibn Yaqdhan

Question 4: Trust in Freedom: The Story of ________ 1708–1958 by Michael Thorncroft.
Joseph PriestleyRichard PriceHomertonNewington Green Unitarian Church

Question 5: It has been commended for its depiction of the homosexual relationship between the eponymous hero and his religious mentor, the ________, William Walters.
George FoxFriends World Committee for ConsultationReligious Society of FriendsHistory of the Religious Society of Friends

Question 6: By September 1706 Harley ordered Defoe to ________ as a secret agent, to do everything possible to help secure acquiescence of the Treaty.
New Town, EdinburghGlasgowScotlandEdinburgh

Question 7: Defoe, being a Presbyterian who suffered in England for his convictions, was accepted as an adviser to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and committees of the ________.
Parliament of the United KingdomOireachtasParliament of EnglandParliament of Scotland

Question 8: Defoe's famous novel ________ (1719) tells of a man's shipwreck on a deserted island and his subsequent adventures.
Hayy ibn YaqdhanDaniel DefoeCastawayRobinson Crusoe

Question 9: This was the main mouthpiece of the English Government promoting the ________.
History of ScotlandScottish independenceActs of Union 1707Scotland

Question 10: In 1696, he was operating a tile and brick factory in what is now Tilbury, Essex and living in the parish of ________.
West ThurrockChadwell St MaryGraysStanford-le-Hope


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