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Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Quiz


Question 1: A Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a small breed of ________ in the terrier family.
DogDog healthCanine reproductionCoat (dog)

Question 2: A Dandie Dinmont called Dodo features in ________'s book: My Family and Other Animals Chapter 16.
Gerald DurrellLee McGeorge DurrellJersey Zoological ParkDurrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Question 3: On November 17, 1875, at a meeting held at the Fleece Hotel in Selkirk on the ________, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club was formed.
Dumfries and GallowayScottish BordersFifeOrkney

Question 4: The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is named after Dandie Dinmont, a jovial farmer in Sir Walter Scott's novel ________.
The AntiquaryRedgauntletGuy ManneringRob Roy (novel)

Question 5: ________ formed in 1873 and, just after this time, moves were made by Dandie enthusiasts to form a club.
CruftsThe Kennel ClubConformation showBreed Groups (dog)

Question 6: This short legged terrier was developed in the 17th century as an otter and badger specialist in the Cheviot and Teviotdale Hills in the border country of Scotland and ________.
United KingdomBritish peopleEnglandWales

Question 7: Disambiguation: "Dandie Dinmont" is also a character in ________, a novel by Walter Scott
RedgauntletThe AntiquaryGuy ManneringRob Roy (novel)

Question 8: This breed has little to no shedding [1] (see ________).
Miniature SchnauzerHypoallergenic dog breedMoultingYorkshire Terrier


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