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Dance-pop: Quiz


Question 1: Dance-pop (or dance pop) is dance-oriented ________ that evolved from post-disco, beginning in the early 1980s.
Mexican pop musicPower popBoy bandPop music

Question 2: Dance-pop has often been the music of ________ and girl groups (e.g.
Boy bandPower popBubblegum popPop music

Question 3: Complete with pounding, dance club ________ and catchy melodies, the songs of this music are fully-formed and more influenced by pop song structure than pure dance music.
Time signatureBeat (music)Meter (music)Rhythm

Question 4: [2] Dance-pop songs are often primarily created by ________, who then select a singer to perform the song.
Music industryArtists and repertoireRecord producerMusic publisher (popular music)


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