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Question 1: He immediately began working for the Perris ________ in 1988.
ShariaCommon lawLawPolice

Question 2: [16] At a hearing on July 23, Deputy DA Richard Bentley requested the ________.
StoningTortureCapital punishmentReligion and capital punishment

Question 3: At one point, it was so hard to find a lead that the supervisor in charge recommended using a ________.

Question 4: Beverly was an aggressive, vain woman who frequently maxed out her husband's ________; they finally divorced when her husband found her grappling with an older woman who had angered her.
American ExpressVisa Inc.Credit cardDebit card

Question 5: A few years later, she became involved with a skydiving instructor, who got her pregnant twice; he convinced her to ________ both pregnancies, something she resented.
Abortion lawFetal rightsAbortionAbortifacient

Question 6: On October 16, 1998, Dana Sue Gray was sentenced to ________ and was incarcerated in the California Women's Prison in Chowchilla.
Sentence (law)Capital punishmentLife imprisonment (England and Wales)Life imprisonment

Question 7: Many residents theorized the murders were committed by a ________ who engaged in ritual sacrifice.
Anti-cult movementOpposition to cults and new religious movementsCultPost-cult trauma

Question 8: They had several ________ before she was born.
MiscarriageHydatidiform moleEctopic pregnancyBreech birth

Question 9: After her mother's death, Gray moved in with her father but was forced to leave after her ________ found drugs in her room.

Question 10: Dana Sue Gray is an American ________ who murdered three elderly women in 1994.
Serial killerTorture murderInternet homicideLust murder

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