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Dan Marino: Quiz


Question 1: 30,000 Career Passing Yards in Fewest Number of Games to Start Career: 114 (11/25/1990 at Cleveland) (tied by ________, October 18, 2009)
Kurt WarnerMarshall FaulkEli ManningPeyton Manning

Question 2: Most Touchdown Passes, Season: 48 in 1984 (surpassed by ________ (49) in 2004 and by Tom Brady (50) in 2007)
Drew BreesPeyton ManningJohn ElwayEli Manning

Question 3: Most Games, Three or more Touchdown Passes, Career: 62 (surpassed by ________ in 2007)
Peyton ManningTom BradyKurt WarnerBrett Favre

Question 4:
What role did Dan Marino play in the telemovie The Magic School Bus ?
Mr. Ramon
Mr. Sinew
Radius Ulna 'R.U.' Humerus
Mr. Terese

Question 5:

Question 6: Most Yards Passing, Career: 61,361 (surpassed by ________ in 2007)
Peyton ManningBrett FavreTom BradyKurt Warner

Question 7: Most Wins against one team: 24 against the Indianapolis Colts (surpassed by ________ against the Detroit Lions in 2007)
Peyton ManningTom BradyKurt WarnerBrett Favre

Question 8:
When is Dan Marino's birthday?

Question 9:
Who has Dan Marino played for in the past?
* Miami Dolphins *n* Detroit Lions *n:
* Miami Dolphins
* Miami Dolphins n* Kansas City Chiefs
* Miami Dolphins n* Washington Redskins n* Miami Dolphins

Question 10:
In which year did Dan Marino make his debut?

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