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Dan Doh!!: Quiz


Question 1: The story has been adapted into an ________ series that first aired in April 3, 2004 in Japan.
AnimationTraditional animationAnimeSilhouette animation

Question 2: Dan Doh!! was licensed for North American distribution by Bandai Entertainment, which they announced at ________ 2004 when they wanted to establish a strong presence in the sports genre.
Sakura-ConOtakonAnime ExpoAnime Central

Question 3: Dandoh and his two friends are their baseball team's best players, but after an incident with their school principal, they are introduced to the world of ________.
GolfPGA TourJack NicklausTiger Woods

Question 4: Dan Doh!! (ダンドー Dandō ?) is a Japanese shōnen sports ________ written by Nobuhiro Sakata and illustrated by Daichi Banjou.
Shōjo mangaYaoiMangaManga outside Japan

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