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Dan Burros: Quiz


Question 1: Daniel Burros was born to George and Esther Sunshine Burros in Queens, ________.
New York metropolitan areaBrooklynNew York CityManhattan

Question 2: Skokie was strategically-chosen; it not only had the largest Jewish population per-capita in the United States, but many survivors of the ________ had emigrated there.
The HolocaustAntisemitismHolocaust (resources)Responsibility for the Holocaust

Question 3:
Dan Burros, Jimmy Carter and John F. Kennedy are all:
American anti-communists Jewish American history Antisemitism Ku Klux Klan members

Question 4:
Dan Burros, Roy Sullivan and Lewis Burwell Puller, Jr. are all:
People from the Bronx 1965 deaths American anti-communists Suicides by firearm in the United States

Question 5:
Dan Burros, Ku Klux Klan and Martin Luther are all:
People from New York City Antisemitism People from the Bronx Activists who committed suicide

Question 6: Fascism
Italian Fascism
Iron Guard
National syndicalismBenito MussoliniFalangeJosé Antonio Primo de Rivera

Question 7: "Hate and Hypocrisy" Intelligence Report from the ________
Southern Poverty Law CenterMorris DeesKu Klux KlanNeo-Nazism

Question 8: One More Victim: The Life and Death of an American-Jewish Nazi by ________ and Arthur Gelb (New American Library, 1967)
United StatesAfghanistanA. M. RosenthalIraq

Question 9: Another unexplained contradiction in his life was the fact that Dan Burros' name and address appeared in ________'s personal notebook.
Lee Harvey OswaldJohn F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theoriesJohn F. Kennedy assassinationJack Ruby

Question 10: Collin's father, Max Simon Collin, was born with the surname Cohen and claimed to be a survivor of the ________.
Nazi concentration campsThe HolocaustHeinrich HimmlerDachau concentration camp

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