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Damon Albarn: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Damon Albarn produce?

Question 2:
Where was Damon Albarn born?
Inner Temple, London, England.
Leytonstone, London, England
Tower of London
Archway, London, England

Question 3: [3] He studied ________ at the East 15 Acting School in Debden, leaving after the first year.

Question 4:
On what date was Damon Albarn born?
Whitechapel, London
, London
North London, England
Hampstead, London, England

Question 5:
What did Damon Albarn do for a living?
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Record Producer
priest, professor, literary critic
singer, rapper, MC
Musician, Composer, Entertainer

Question 6: ________ produced the album and decided on the final track listing.
MF DoomCee-Lo GreenDanger MouseGnarls Barkley

Question 7: Albarn had a long-standing relationship with ________ frontwoman Justine Frischmann.
The MenaceElastica (album)ElasticaBlur (band)

Question 8:
What was Damon Albarn's birth name?
Clarence Reid
Damon Albarn
David Spencer Ware
John Bassat Stevens IV

Question 9:
What is the origin of Damon Albarn?
Colchester, England
Pudsey parish

Question 10: [2] He then attended a part-time music course at ________ in London.
London School of EconomicsDurham UniversityKing's College LondonGoldsmiths, University of London

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