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Question 1: They have become as synonymous with Doctor Who as the title character, and their behaviour and catchphrases are now part of British ________.
GlobalizationPopular cultureWestern culturePopular culture studies

Question 2: This resulted in a Cyberman-Dalek clash in London, which was resolved when the ________ caused both factions to be sucked back into the Void.
Companion (Doctor Who)Tenth DoctorDoctor WhoDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 3: In 1964 Nation told a ________ reporter that the Dalek name came from a dictionary or encyclopedia volume, the spine of which read "Dal - Lek".
Daily MirrorPiers MorganDaily MailThe Guardian

Question 4:
What type is thing is Dalek?
Oil on oak
Kaled mutants in mechanical shells
Stone sculpture
Art Museum

Question 5: Michael Wisher, the actor who originated the role of Dalek creator ________ in Genesis of the Daleks, provided Dalek voices for that same story, as well as for Frontier in Space, Planet of the Daleks and Death to the Daleks.
DavrosDoctor WhoDoctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronology

Question 6:
Which of the following is Dalek affiliated with?

Question 7: [11] Dalek casings are made of a bonded polycarbide material dubbed "dalekanium" by a member of the human resistance in The Dalek Invasion of Earth and by the ________ in "Daleks in Manhattan".
Cult of SkaroThe Stolen EarthTime War (Doctor Who)Dalek variants

Question 8: Nation grew up during ________, and remembered the fear caused by German bombings.
World War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 9: The Daleks also made appearances in the ________-era Dr. Who comic strip that featured in the combined Countdown/TV Action comic during the early 1970s.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)The Five DoctorsThird Doctor

Question 10: ________ has featured the Daleks on its cover several times, beginning with the November 21–27, 1964 issue which promoted The Dalek Invasion of Earth.
Radio TimesBBC MagazinesTVTimesBBC Worldwide

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