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Dal: Quiz


Question 1: Other common tadka ingredients include ________, fresh or dried chili pods, cilantro and garam masala.

Question 2: It is regularly eaten with rice and vegetables in Southern India, and with both rice and ________ (wheat-based flat bread) throughout Northern India & Pakistan.

Question 3: Yellow split peas - While not commonly used on the Indian sub-continent it is very prevalent in the Indian communities of ________ and Trinidad.

Question 4: ________ - small Chickpeas with brown skins - கொண்டைக் கடலை Koṇḍai Kaḍalai in Tamil.
Reference Daily IntakeDietary fiberChickpeaFolic acid

Question 5: The standard preparation of dal begins with boiling a variety of dal (or a mix) in water with some ________, salting to taste, and then adding a tadka (also known as tarka, chaunk or baghaar) at the end of the cooking process.

Question 6: The word dāl derives from the ________ verbal root dal- 'to split'.

Question 7: In some recipes, ________, tamarind, unripe mango, purslane, or other ingredients are added while cooking the dal, often to impart a sour flavor.


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