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Daivadnya: Quiz


Question 1: [6] Few of them have even migrated to ________ and overseas.
Navi MumbaiNagpurPuneMumbai

Question 2: Even though Daivajñas follow Vishnu or Shiva, their tutelary deities are in the form of the Mother Goddess related to ________ cult.

Question 3: [19] These sun worshiper priests were called as ________[20] who married Bhoja women and were called as Bhojakas.
Sakaldwipiya HistoryShakdvipaSakaldwipiyaKambojas

Question 4: The Daivajña diaspora in North Canara, Uḍupi, South Canara and ________,who had migrated from Goa due to Arab and Portuguese invasions,were influenced by Śrī Vādirāja Tīrtha[133] and adopted Vaiṣṇavism.
KeralaMalayaliKochi, IndiaThiruvananthapuram

Question 5: It was built by Kadambas and was renovated by a Daivajña minister who was serving Sawant Bhonsale - kings of ________, Maharashtra.

Question 6: Later by modern languages like Kannaḍa[43], Marathi, ________-Persian[43] and Portuguese.
Egyptian ArabicModern Standard ArabicAncient North ArabianArabic language

Question 7: Traditional Daivajña woman is draped in a nine yard ________[114], also known as Kāppad or Cīre in such a way, that the back was fully covered.

Question 8: दाते पंचांग,गोत्रावळी "Gotravali" published by "Date Panchang", Date's Almanac Pvt Ltd, ________,India Date Panchang online

Question 9: [58] Once again indologist Enthoven,in his book The Tribes and Castes of Bombay,mentions that this clan is related to Tvaṣṭar and the semi-divine beings mentioned in the Ṛgveda and the ________ called as the Ṛbhus.
AtharvavedaRigvedaVedasKalpa (Vedanga)

Question 10: Few Koṅkaṇe Daivajñas have even settled in Vapi, Dharampur, Valsad, Daman and other few places in the state of ________.


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