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Daimyo: Quiz


Question 1: They arose from among the shugo during the ________.
Kamakura periodAzuchi–Momoyama periodEdo periodMuromachi period

Question 2: The shogunate placed many fudai at strategic locations to guard the trade routes and the approaches to ________.
Edo periodEdoUkiyoEmperor Meiji

Question 3: In 1869, the year after the ________, the daimyo, together with the kuge, formed a new aristocracy, the kazoku.
Edo periodBakumatsuMeiji RestorationMeiji period

Question 4: Other famous tozama clans included the Mori of Chōshū, the Shimazu of Satsuma, the Date of ________, the Uesugi of Yonezawa, and the Hachisuka of Awa.

Question 5: They were the most powerful feudal rulers from the 10th century to the early 19th century in Japan following the ________.
Heian periodKenmu restorationShogunSamurai

Question 6: Several shinpan, including the Tokugawa of Owari (Nagoya), Kii (Wakayama) and Mito, as well as the Matsudaira of Fukui and ________, held large han.
Yonezawa DomainItakura KatsukiyoAizuSendai Domain

Question 7: The term "daimyo" is also sometimes used to refer to the leading figures of such clans, also called "________".
Mister (Mr.)PeerageLordLady

Question 8: From the shugo of the Muromachi period through the Sengoku to the daimyo of the ________, the rank had a long and varied history.
Tokugawa shogunateBakumatsuTokugawa YoshinobuEdo period

Question 9: It was usually, though not exclusively, from these warlords that a shogun arose or a ________ was chosen.
MonarchRegentMonarchyConstitutional monarchy

Question 10: Major shugo daimyo came from the Shiba, Hatakeyama, and ________, as well as the tozama clans of Yamana, Ōuchi, and Akamatsu.The greatest ruled multiple provinces.
Oda NobunagaMiyamoto MusashiIzumi ProvinceHosokawa clan


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