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Question 1: In 2004, the Daily Star merged its Lebanon and Regional editions choosing to focus on Lebanese expatriates in the ________ (GCC) region.
Caribbean CommunityASEANCooperation Council for the Arab States of the GulfTrade bloc

Question 2: Under the terms of the agreement, the Daily Star represented the IHT in the GCC, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, ________, Yemen and Iraq.

Question 3: First circulating in ________, and then expanding throughout the region, it not only relayed news about foreign workers' home countries, but also served to keep them informed about the region.

Question 4: The Daily Star is a pan-Middle East English language newspaper edited in ________.

Question 5: By the 1960s it was the leading English language newspaper in the ________.
Middle EastAsiaIranWestern Asia

Question 6: Upon the death of Mrowa in 1966, his widow Salma Elbissar took over the paper, running it until the outbreak of the ________ forced the suspension of publication.
2006 Lebanon WarLebanese Civil War1982 Lebanon WarHezbollah

Question 7: Now, the unified edition appears in all countries except for ________ which has its own local edition published in partnership with Al-Watan, a Kuwaiti Arabic language daily.
KuwaitUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi ArabiaQatar

Question 8: It was founded in 1952 by Kamel Mrowa, the publisher of the ________ daily Al-Hayat to serve the growing number of expatriates brought by the oil industry.
Egyptian ArabicModern Standard ArabicArabic languageAncient North Arabian


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