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Dacite: Quiz


Question 1: A notorious example of this is ________ in which dacite domes formed from previous eruptions.
Cascade VolcanoesMount St. HelensMount MazamaMount Rainier

Question 2: It has ________ as rounded, corroded phenocrysts, or as an element of the ground-mass.

Question 3: Dacite is also defined by ________ and alkali contents in the TAS classification.
Silicon dioxideQuartzOpalAmethyst

Question 4: Porphyritic dacites contain blocky highly zoned plagioclase phenocrysts and/or rounded corroded ________ phenocrysts.

Question 5: Examples of this type of dacite outcrop are found in northwestern ________ and northeastern Bulgaria.

Question 6: When this slab reaches the mantle and initiates the dehydration reactions, minerals such as talc, serpentine, ________ and amphiboles break down generating a more sodic melt (Fyfe, 1975).

Question 7: The word dacite comes from Dacia, a province of the Roman Empire which lay between the Danube River and ________ (now modern Romania) where the rock was first described.
Cluj-NapocaTransylvaniaCarpathian MountainsBratislava


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