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DVD player: Quiz


Question 1: A few include a ________ decoder (i.e.
HouseGreat houseBedroomHome cinema

Question 2: Most have an LCD screen and stereo speakers and are usually powered by ________ batteries.
Nickel-metal hydride batteryLithium-ion batteryLithium-ion polymer batteryLithium iron phosphate battery

Question 3: There are successors to the DVD player: the HD DVD player and the ________ player, utilizing two incompatible technologies that reproduce higher quality video images than standard DVD.
Versatile Multilayer DiscChina Blue High-definition DiscOptical disc authoringBlu-ray Disc

Question 4: optionally decrypt the data with either CSS and/or ________
Digital rights managementDVD ripperRovi CorporationVideocassette recorder

Question 5: As of 2002 the largest producer of DVD players is ________; in 2002 they produced 30 million players, more than 70% of the world output.
ChinaReligion in ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 6: As of 2005, retail prices for such a device, depending on its optional features (such as digital sound or video output), start between 30 and 80 USD/________.
Pound sterlingEuroEurozoneEuropean Central Bank

Question 7: read and obey the DVD's ________ codes and display a warning if the player is not authorised to play the DVD
Regional lockoutXbox 360WiiPlayStation 3

Question 8: decode sound in MP2, ________ or AC-3 format and output (with optional AC-3 to stereo downsampling) on stereo connector, optical or electric digital connector
Non-return-to-zeroOn-off keyingBipolar encodingPulse-code modulation

Question 9: Read a ________ disc in ISO – UDF version 1.2 format
Blu-ray DiscLaserdiscDVDHD DVD

Question 10: decode the ________ video stream with a maximum of 10 Mbit/s (peak) or 8 Mbit/s (continuous)
MPEG-2H.264/MPEG-4 AVCAdvanced Audio CodingDolby Digital


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