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DV8: Quiz


Question 1:
DV8, The Surrogates and N. are all:
Wildstorm Publications titles 1996 comic debuts 2009 comic debuts Groups pop

Question 2: The title returns in 2009, as an eight-issue ________ called DV8: Gods and Monsters, written by Brian Wood with art by Rebekah Isaacs.
Limited seriesEisner AwardDC ComicsCrisis on Infinite Earths

Question 3: ________ (Art, #1-2, #4-7)
Humberto RamosImage ComicsWildStormPaul Jenkins (writer)

Question 4: Later on in the series, Baiul becomes director of ________ and the team become agents of I.O.
Bliss (Wildstorm)Gen-ActiveTeam 7 (comics)International Operations

Question 5: DV8 is a comic book published by ________.
WildStormCliffhanger (comics)Vertigo (DC Comics)DC Comics

Question 6:
DV8, For Your Eyes Only (film) and From Hell are all:
Groups pop Comic book limited series Title pop Wildstorm Publications titles

Question 7: Evo (Michael Heller) - Has the ability to change into forms similar to a wolf, bat, or ________.

Question 8: Bliss (Nicole Callahan) - Has the ability to stimulate human senses to the point of ________ and some psychic abilities.
Myocardial infarctionCardiac arrestAsystolePulseless electrical activity

Question 9:
DV8, Kingdom Come (comics) and DC vs. Marvel are all:
Wildstorm Publications titles 2009 comic debuts Superhero comics 1996 comic debuts

Question 10: Because of this, ________ cancelled DV8, but allowed the creative team to bring a proper end to the comic, instead of ending the comic and leaving many questions unanswered.
WildStormCliffhanger (comics)Vertigo (DC Comics)DC Comics


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