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Question 1: A DIP switch is a set of manual electric switches that are packaged in a group in a standard ________ (DIP) (the whole package unit may also be referred to as a DIP switch in the singular).
Surface-mount technologyPlastic leaded chip carrierDual in-line packageCPU socket

Question 2: This type of switch is designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other ________ components and is commonly used to customize the behavior of an electronic device for specific situations.
Electronic engineeringElectronicsElectrical engineeringEngineering

Question 3: Eight switches offer 256 combinations, which is equivalent to one ________.
BitInteger (computer science)BytePointer (computing)

Question 4: [1] Typically the device's ________ reads the DIP switches when the device is powered on.
BIOSOperating systemRead-only memoryFirmware


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