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Question 1: After the run was complete the engine would be briefly turned on again, to raise the altitude for a long low-speed glide back to a base in Germany or northern ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomFranceItaly

Question 2: The pilot seat structure and safety-belt proved to be very unreliable, because at the end of a rough braking course Zeise was thrown forward and struck the canopy with his head, losing ________.
ConsciousnessHenri BergsonIdeaGottfried Leibniz

Question 3: ________
Messerschmitt Me 163Messerschmitt Bf 109Arado Ar 197List of World War II military aircraft of Germany

Question 4: The prototype was still unfinished by the end of the war and was taken to the ________ where it was rebuilt, tested and flown.
Soviet UnionRussiaEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 5: The captured DFS 346, now simply called "Samolyot 346" ("Samolyot" - Aircraft) to distance it from its German origins, was completed and tested in TsAGI ________ T-101.
Reynolds numberBernoulli's principleWind tunnelAerodynamics

Question 6: Powerplant:Walter HWK 109-509 ________, 33.4 kN (7,500 lbf) 33.4 kN
Space RaceSpacecraft propulsionRocketSpace exploration

Question 7: It had a ________ mock up installed, and incorporated some minor changes in the rudder and tail design.
Rocket engine nozzleStirling engineJet engineRocket engine

Question 8: The 346 design was intended to be air-launched from the back of a large aircraft, the baseline being the ________.
Dornier Do 335Dornier Do 17Dornier Do 217Dornier Do 215

Question 9: Later taken to ________ where the newly formed OKB-2 tested it in TsAGI wind tunnel.Later scrapped, because it was not flyable.
Soviet UnionRussiaEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 10: The DFS 346 was a parallel project to the DFS 228 high-altitude ________ aircraft.
United States Marine Corps Force ReconnaissanceReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissanceUnited States Marine Air-Ground Task Force Reconnaissance


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