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Question 1: In ________, it was sent to the United Kingdom for study, where it was apparently scrapped in 1947, although its exact fate is unknown.

Question 2: The project was suspended by the commencement of hostilities, but was revived in ________ when the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM - "Reich Aviation Ministry") delivered the DFS with a requirement for a rocket-powered reconnaissance aircraft.

Question 3: ________
Messerschmitt Bf 109List of World War II military aircraft of GermanyMesserschmitt Me 163Arado Ar 197

Question 4: The project gave the DFS the opportunity to investigate two additional areas that it was interested in - the effects of wing sweep on sailplane design, and ________ flight.
Theodore von KármánAerodynamicsSound barrierSupersonic

Question 5: The DFS 228 was designed by Felix Kracht and a first prototype was completed in March ________ and was undergoing gliding tests by August, carried aloft piggyback on a Dornier Do 217.

Question 6: The DFS 228 was a rocket-powered, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft designed by the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug (DFS - "German Institute for Sailplane Flight") during ________.
Second Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War II

Question 7: The initial design of the DFS 228 was undertaken before the outbreak of war as a research aircraft, the DFS 54, aimed at developing a high-altitude escape system for ________.
Fixed-wing aircraftGlider (sailplane)Powered hang gliderHang gliding

Question 8: Powerplant:Walter HWK 109-509 ________, 16.7 kN (planned) (3,750 lbf) 16.7 kN (planned)
Space RaceSpace explorationSpacecraft propulsionRocket

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