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DEC Alpha: Quiz


Question 1: BWX also made the emulation of x86 machine code and the writing of ________ easier.
Device driverInterruptOS/2Operating system

Question 2: These used 21064 or 21164 processors and introduced the PCI bus, ________-compatible frame buffers and PS/2-style keyboards and mice.
Digital Visual InterfaceVideo Graphics ArrayHDMID-subminiature

Question 3: This was the first Alpha system to support ________.
Windows NTMicrosoft WindowsWindows 9xOS/2

Question 4: The first version, the ________ or EV4, was the first CMOS microprocessor whose operating frequency rivalled higher-powered ECL minicomputers and mainframes.
Alpha 21064Alpha 21164Alpha 21264DEC Alpha

Question 5: The decision was also made to upgrade the design to a full ________ implementation from PRISM's 32-bit, a conversion all of the major RISC vendors were undertaking.
Reduced instruction set computer64-bitCentral processing unitSIMD

Question 6: The 64-bit processor was a ________ and superscalar design, like other RISC designs, but nevertheless outperformed them all and DEC touted it as the world's fastest processor.
Instruction pipelineSimultaneous multithreadingReduced instruction set computerCentral processing unit

Question 7: PRISM was canceled after a proposal by the Palo Alto design team to build the Unix-only workstations (________ 3100) on a MIPS R2000 processor allowing the DECstation to come to market sooner.
DECstationPDP-11VAXDEC 3000 AXP

Question 8: The first generation of DEC Alpha-based systems comprised the ________ series workstations and low-end servers, DEC 4000 AXP series mid-range servers, and DEC 7000 AXP and 10000 AXP series high-end servers.
DEC MultiaDECstationDECpc AXP 150DEC 3000 AXP

Question 9: Among the differences between PRISM and other RISC processors, however, was that PRISM supported a user-programmable ________ known as Epicode.
Central processing unitMicrocodeInstruction setReduced instruction set computer

Question 10: The chip designers at Digital continued pursuing sophisticated manual circuit design in order to deal with the overly complex ________ architecture.

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