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D-VHS: Quiz


Question 1: The JVC D-VHS deck released in the UK, was not a bitstream recorder, although it did have a ________ input.
Serial ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceUniversal Serial BusBus (computing)

Question 2: ________ productions and 2929 Entertainment via Magnolia Entertainment do provide some of their original content on D-VHS but without copy protection.
Dish NetworkShaw DirectHDNetIPTV

Question 3: D-Theater provides much better audio and video quality than previous formats (VHS and DVD), but has since been displaced by the newer ________ format.
Optical disc authoringHD DVDBlu-ray DiscChina Blue High-definition Disc

Question 4: Most tapes have built-in copy protection mechanism (DTCP, also known as "5c") (copy never) that disables copying via ________.
Universal Serial BusSerial ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceBus (computing)

Question 5: They provide content in both 720p and 1080i as well as at least one ________ audio track.
Free Lossless Audio CodecDolby DigitalAudio compression (data)WavPack

Question 6: D-VHS is a digital video format developed by ________, in collaboration with Hitachi, Matsushita, and Philips.
Mitsubishi ElectricJVCToshibaSony

Question 7: The content data format is in ________, the same data format used for most digital television applications.
MPEG transport stream.m2tsMPEG program streamBlu-ray Disc

Question 8: The deck's biggest shortcomings were the lack of a DV output and, perhaps more crucially, the lack of RGB input via the ________ connector.
HDMIAudio and video connectorRCA connectorSCART

Question 9: Supported movies studios include ________, Artisan Entertainment, DreamWorks, and Universal Pictures.
Fox Entertainment Group20th Century Fox TelevisionFox News Channel20th Century Fox

Question 10: Instead it is best thought of as a digital recorder for traditional analog inputs such as domestic analog TV and ________ for digital broadcasts.
Sky+DigiboxSky+ HDSky Digital (UK & Ireland)

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