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Dāna: Quiz


Question 1: Shakyamuni Buddha is born as a rabbit, and unable to present any other food to a ________ come home, roasted himself in a fire.
BiharBhumiharUttar PradeshBrahmin

Question 2: The quality of giving is believed to be one of the virtues perfected over numerous lifetimes by Shakyamuni Buddha in his bodhisattva phase, before the final culmination into ________, after he had purified obscurations and released attachment.
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhismNirvanaSkandha

Question 3: Ultimately, the practice culminates in one of the Perfections (________): the Perfection of Giving (dana-paramita).

Question 4: ________ breaks the giving and receiving of gifts by caste, as it does with other activities.
Common lawLegal historyReligious lawHindu law

Question 5: Dāna (Pali, Sanskrit: दान dāna) is a Sanskrit and ________ term meaning "generosity" or "giving".
BuddhismPaliGautama BuddhaAshoka the Great

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