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Dürer's Rhinoceros: Quiz


Question 1: [36] A similar rhinoceros, in relief, decorates a panel in one of the bronze west doors of ________.
RomeItalyVenicePiazza dei Miracoli

Question 2: On 20 May 1515, an Indian rhinoceros arrived in Lisbon from the ________.
Far EastEast AsiaAsiaSoutheast Asia

Question 3: Valentim Fernandes, a Moravian merchant and printer, saw the rhinoceros in Lisbon shortly after it arrived and wrote a letter describing it to a friend in ________ in June 1515.

Question 4: On Trinity Sunday, 3 June, Manuel arranged a fight between the rhinoceros and a young elephant from his collection, to test the account by ________ that the elephant and the rhinoceros are bitter enemies.
Pliny the ElderRoman NavyRoman EmpireCastra

Question 5: [16] The vessel passed near ________ in early 1516.

Question 6: Dürer never saw the actual ________, which was the first living example seen in Europe since Roman times.
Sumatran RhinocerosOdd-toed ungulateIndian RhinocerosRhinoceros

Question 7: In the context of the Renaissance, it was a piece of ________ which had been rediscovered, like a statue or an inscription.
Roman EmpireClassicsClassical antiquityGreco-Roman world

Question 8: The earliest known image of the animal illustrates a poemetto by Florentine Giovanni Giacomo Penni, published in ________ on 13 July 1515, fewer than eight weeks after its arrival in Lisbon.

Question 9: King ________ was returning from Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume in Provence, and requested a viewing of the beast.
Henry IV of FranceFrancis I of FranceHenry III of FranceHenry II of France

Question 10: The exotic animal was housed in King Manuel's menagerie at the Ribeira Palace in Lisbon, separate from his ________ and other large beasts at the Estãos Palace.
Asian ElephantElephantHippopotamusLion


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