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Question 1: Eastern Bloc | ________ | Warsaw Pact
Berlin WallPrague SpringIron CurtainComecon

Question 2: [7][8][9] The only non-Communist to hold an important office, ________, was found dead two weeks later.
Viliam ŠirokýJan MasarykEdvard BenešVladimír Clementis

Question 3: Before the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, in 1943, Czechoslovakian leader in exile Edvard Beneš agreed to Soviet leader ________'s demands for unconditional agreement with Soviet foreign policy and the Beneš decrees.
Joseph StalinWinston ChurchillBoris YeltsinHarry S. Truman

Question 4: The largest émigré communities are located in Austria, West Germany, the United States, Canada, and ________.
AustraliaUnited KingdomBarbadosJamaica

Question 5: Following the coup d'état of February 1948, when ________ backed by the Soviet Union definitively took power, the country was declared a people's republic after the Ninth-of-May Constitution became effective.
CommunismSocialismCommunist stateMarxism

Question 6: In late 1989, the country became a democratic country again through the ________.
Nicolae CeauşescuVelvet RevolutionBerlin WallHelmut Kohl

Question 7: In 1969, Czechoslovakia was turned into a ________ of the Czech Socialist Republic and Slovak Socialist Republic.
FederationFederal republicMonarchyConfederation

Question 8: Neighbour states were: West Germany and East Germany, People's Republic of Poland, Soviet Union, People's Republic of Hungary, ________
AustriaCzech RepublicSloveniaSlovakia

Question 9: Albania | Bulgaria | Czechoslovakia | ________ | Hungary | Poland | Romania | Yugoslavia
Czechoslovak Socialist RepublicEast GermanySoviet UnionCommunist state

Question 10: Historically, ________ has always been an option for Czechs and Slovaks dissatisfied with the situation at home.


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