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Cytoplasm: Quiz


Question 1: The cytoplasm is the part of a cell that is enclosed within the ________.
Vesicle (biology)Cell wallCell membraneCell nucleus

Question 2: The part of the cytoplasm that is not held within organelles is called the ________.
Cell (biology)CytosolMitochondrionMetabolism

Question 3: [7] A particularly widespread example are lipid droplets, which are spherical droplets composed of lipids and proteins that are used in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes as a way of storing lipids such as ________ and sterols.
Linoleic acidArachidonic acidFatty acidButyric acid

Question 4: Also in eukaryotic cells, the cytoplasm contains ________, such as mitochondria, which are filled with liquid that is kept separate from the rest of the cytoplasm by biological membranes.
OrganelleCell (biology)Cell nucleusChloroplast

Question 5: Due to this network of pores and high concentrations of dissolved macromolecules, such as proteins, an effect called ________ occurs and the cytosol does not act as an ideal solution.
MetabolismDNAMacromolecular crowdingCell (biology)

Question 6: ________ are membrane-bound compartments within the cell that have specific functions.
Cell nucleusCell (biology)MitochondrionOrganelle

Question 7: In eukaryotic cells, the contents of the ________ are not part of the cytoplasm and are instead called the nucleoplasm.
Endomembrane systemMitochondrionCell (biology)Cell nucleus

Question 8: The cytosol is a ________, with a network of fibers dispersed through water.
Gel (disambiguation)SiliconeColloidGel

Question 9: The cytoplasm has three major elements; the ________, organelles and inclusions.
CytosolMitochondrionCell (biology)Metabolism

Question 10: The cytosol is a complex mixture of ________ filaments, dissolved molecules, and water that fills much of the volume of a cell.

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