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Question 1: FNAC can be done directly on a mass in superficial regions like the neck, thyroid or breast; or it may be assisted by ultrasound or ________.
Medical radiographyCT pulmonary angiogramX-ray computed tomographyMagnetic resonance imaging

Question 2: Gastrointestinal cytology - concerning the ________
Ascending cholangitisColorectal cancerHuman gastrointestinal tractPeritonitis

Question 3: Lymph node cytology - concerning ________
SpleenLymphatic systemLymph nodeImmune system

Question 4: Since more DNA is unfolded and being expressed , the nucleus will be darker and less uniform, larger than in normal cells, and often show a bright red ________.
Endomembrane systemCell (biology)Cell nucleusNucleolus

Question 5: Often "reflex" testing is performed, such as HPV testing on an abnormal pap test or ________ on a lymphoma specimen.
ImmunohistochemistryInflammationFlow cytometryHistopathology

Question 6: Breast cytology - principally concerning the female ________
Female ejaculationPenisBreastRectum

Question 7: The discipline was founded by Rudolf Virchow in ________.
March 4194818581943

Question 8: A common application of cytopathology is the ________, used as a screening tool, to detect precancerous cervical lesions and prevent cervical cancer.
ColposcopyPap testLoop electrical excision procedureHuman papillomavirus

Question 9: Cytopathology (from Greek κύτος, kytos, "a hollow"[1]; πάθος, pathos, "fate, harm"; and -λογία, -logia) is a branch of ________ that studies and diagnoses diseases on the cellular level.
PathologyInfectionInfectious diseasePathology as a medical specialty

Question 10: Urinary tract cytology - concerning the ureters, ________ and urethra
KidneyUrinary systemUrinary bladderRenal artery

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