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Question 1:

Question 2:
What type is thing is Cyrillic alphabet?

Question 3: ________, used in linguistics, is based on the Latin Czech alphabet.
Scientific transliterationI (Cyrillic)Cyrillic alphabetISO 9

Question 4: Other ________ systems for Cyrillic:
UTF-8UnicodeCharacter encodingASCII

Question 5: Replaced by GOST 7.79, which is ________ equivalent.
ISO 3166-1ISO 3166-2ISO 3166-3ISO 9

Question 6: ________ as a general rule does not include accented Cyrillic letters.
Han unificationUniversal Character SetUnicodeUTF-8

Question 7: Since the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union on 1 January 2007, Cyrillic became the third official alphabet of the ________, following the Latin and Greek alphabets.
European UnionGermanyDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 8: The Working Group on Romanization Systems of the ________ recommends different systems for specific languages.
Israel, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited Nations Security CouncilUnited NationsUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 9: [6][7][8][9][10] The alphabet used for the modern ________ in Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic rites still resembles early Cyrillic.
Macedonian languageRussian languageChurch Slavonic languageOld Church Slavonic

Question 10: The characters in the range U+0400 to U+045F are basically the characters from ________ moved upward by 864 positions.
ISO/IEC 8859-5KOI8-UKOI8-RWindows-1251

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