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Question 1: John Gaudet’s work in Africa, supported by a ________ grant, appeared in various scientific journals over the period 1975-1991.
Canadian GeographicGeographical (magazine)National Geographic SocietyNational Geographic (magazine)

Question 2: Aside from papyrus, several other members of the genus ________ may actually have been involved in the multiple uses Egyptians found for the plant.
PoaceaeCyperaceaeCyperusCyperus papyrus

Question 3: Cyperus papyrus is now used mainly for decoration, as it is nearly ________ in its native habitat in the Nile Delta, where in ancient times it was widely cultivated.
Holocene extinctionExtinctionEvolutionConservation biology

Question 4: ________ used the plant for many purposes, most famously for making papyrus paper.
CoptAncient EgyptEgyptiansCairo

Question 5: He succeeded in sailing Ra II from Morocco to ________.
BarbadosBritish Virgin IslandsCayman IslandsAnguilla

Question 6: Its name in Greek and in English is widely believed to have come from Egyptian, but this is probably a ________.
False etymologySwedish languageGerman languageDutch language

Question 7: It is a herbaceous perennial native to ________, and forms tall stands of reed-like swamp vegetation in shallow water.
Sub-Saharan AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionScramble for Africa

Question 8: It also occurs in ________, and some Mediterranean regions such as Sicily and the Levant.
Saint HelenaMaldivesMozambiqueMadagascar

Question 9: ________' "History of Plants" (Book iv.
AristotleAvicennaTheophrastusMuhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi

Question 10: As in most sedges, pollination is by wind, not ________, and the mature fruits after release are distributed by water.


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