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Question 1: It consists of a platform containing part of the combustion chamber (usually, though not always), and the location of the ________ and spark plugs.
Oil pump (internal combustion engine)Poppet valveFour-stroke engineConnecting rod

Question 2: Some engines, particularly medium- and large-capacity ________ built for industrial, power generation and traction purposes (trucks, locomotives, heavy equipment etc.) have individual cylinder heads for each cylinder.
Internal combustion engineTwo-stroke engineDiesel engineHot bulb engine

Question 3: In an internal combustion engine, the cylinder head (often informally abbreviated to just head) sits above the cylinders on top of the ________.
Cylinder blockStraight-six engineEngine displacementV8 engine

Question 4: Hole in the middle for the ________, four holes for the cylinder bolt posts.
Spark plugNaturally-aspirated engineCarburetorIgnition system

Question 5: In a water-cooled engine, the cylinder head also contains integral ducts and passages for the engines' coolant - usually a mixture of water and ________ - to facilitate the transfer of excess heat away from the head, and therefore the engine in general.

Question 6: The operation of the valves is initiated by the engines ________, which is sited within the cylinder block, and its moment of operation is transmitted to the valves pushrods, and then rocker arms mounted on a rocker shaft - the rocker arms and shaft also being located within the cylinder head.
Spark plugOil pump (internal combustion engine)CamshaftManifold (automotive)

Question 7: Overhead view of an air cooled cylinder head from a ________ GS550 showing dual camshafts, drive sprockets and cooling fins.


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