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Question 1: Scientific studies of binary systems such as HDE 226868/Cygnus X-1 may lead to further insights into the mechanics of ________.
BlazarRadio galaxyQuasarActive galactic nucleus

Question 2: They may be created by ________ within the gas that surrounds the compact object.
Maxwell's equationsMagnetismMagnetic fieldMagnetic moment

Question 3: That is, the wavelengths of the radiation will steadily increase, as predicted by ________.
GravitationBlack holeIntroduction to general relativityGeneral relativity

Question 4: The rockets carried Geiger counters to measure X-ray emission in ________ from 1–15 Å across an 8.4° section of the sky.
WavelengthElectromagnetic radiationDiffractionLight

Question 5: As accreted matter falls toward the compact object, it loses gravitational ________.
ForcePotential energyAtomElectric potential

Question 6: This interval is consistent with turbulence in a disk of accreted matter surrounding a black hole—the ________.
Neutron starWhite dwarfAccretion discEddington luminosity

Question 7: This collision appears to be forming a ________ that has been observed in the optical wavelengths.
StarAstronomyNebulaOrion Nebula

Question 8: As self-luminous clumps of matter spiral into a black hole, their radiation will be emitted in a series of pulses that are subject to ________ as the material approaches the horizon.
Schwarzschild metricEquivalence principleGravitational redshiftGeneral relativity

Question 9: The surface of HDE 226868 is being tidally distorted by the ________ of the massive companion, forming a tear-drop shape that is further distorted by rotation.
GravitationIntroduction to general relativityGeneral relativityEquivalence principle

Question 10: The compact object is thought to be orbited by a thin, flat disk of accreting matter known as an ________.
White dwarfAccretion discEddington luminosityBlack hole


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