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Cyclothymia: Quiz


Question 1: The diagnosis is excluded if there are manic episodes or mixed episodes, or if a number of other conditions such as schizophrenia or ________ are present.
Drug overdoseMood disorderDrug abuseDrug addiction

Question 2: Cyclothymia (pronounced /ˌsaɪklɵˈθaɪmiə, ˌsɪklɵ-/) a condition which causes mild hypomanic and ________ episodes.
Schizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorderMood disorderBipolar disorder

Question 3: Cyclothymia is similar to bipolar II disorder in that it presents itself in signature ________ episodes.
Bipolar disorderDysthymiaManiaHypomania

Question 4: A single episode of hypomania is sufficient to diagnose cyclothymic disorder; however, most individuals also have ________ periods.
Mood disorderMajor depressive disorderDysthymiaBipolar disorder

Question 5: Unlike some forms of ________ (specifically, bipolar I disorder), people with cyclothymia are almost always fully functioning.
ManiaBipolar disorderSchizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 6: Specifically, this disorder is a milder form of bipolar II disorder consisting of recurrent mood disturbances between hypomania and ________ mood.
Major depressive disorderDysthymiaMood disorderBipolar disorder

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