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Cycladic civilization: Quiz


Question 1: Interest then lagged, but picked up in the mid-20th century, as collectors competed for the modern-looking figures that seemed so similar to sculpture by Jean Arp or ________.
RomaniaModernismMarcel DuchampConstantin Brâncuşi

Question 2: Cycladic civilization (also known as Cycladic culture or The Cycladic period) is an Early Bronze Age culture of the Cyclades in the ________, spanning the period from approximately 3000 BC-2000 BC.
Aegean civilizationsSamos IslandAegean SeaGreece

Question 3: 2000 BC) there was essential convergence between Cycladic and ________.
Aegean civilizationsMycenaean GreeceAncient GreeceMinoan civilization

Question 4: Excavations at Knossos on ________ reveal an influence of Cycladic civilization upon Knossos in the period 3400 BC to 2000 BC as evidenced from pottery finds at Knossos.

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