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Question 1: Cyberocracy describes a ________ or an element of a government that rules by the effective use of information.
Form of governmentMonarchyRepublicDemocracy

Question 2: Cyberocracy is the functional ________ of traditional bureaucracies which sometimes notoriously suffer from fiefdomism, slowness, and a list of other unfortunate qualities.
DialecticAntithesisRhetoricNew Testament

Question 3: The ________ is an example of a prototype cybercratic element.
Guantanamo Bay detention campDemocratic Party (United States)Iraq WarNo Fly List

Question 4: The exact nature of a cyberocracy is largely speculative as currently there have been no cybercractic governments, however, a growing number ________ cybercratic elements can currently be found in many developed nations.
PrototypePlanck constantBreadboardKilogram

Question 5: ________ and Internet forums are an example of cybercratic society.
Internet Relay ChatOpera (web browser)Pidgin (software)Miranda IM

Question 6: Its substantial ________ ratio is its primary failure of effectiveness.
Bayesian inferenceNull hypothesisStatistical hypothesis testingType I and type II errors

Question 7: The Stasi of ________ could be considered a prototype cybercratic organization.
Communist RomaniaEast GermanySoviet UnionCommunist state

Question 8: Ultimately a cyberocracy may use administrative AIs if not an ________ as head of state forming a Machine Rule government.
René DescartesArtificial intelligenceDaniel DennettKarl Popper


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