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Cyber-bullying: Quiz


Question 1: [5] The ________ is a recent example that led to the conviction of the adult perpetrator of the attacks.
Cyber-bullyingSuicide of Ryan HalliganBullyingSuicide of Megan Meier

Question 2: In the summer of 2008, researchers Sameer Hinduja (________) and Justin Patchin (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) published a book on cyber-bullying that summarized the current state of cyber-bullying research.
Florida Atlantic OwlsFlorida Atlantic UniversityFrank BroganFlorida International University

Question 3: Examples of famous forums for disclosing personal data or photos to "punish" the "enemies" include the Hong Kong Golden Forum, Live Journal, and more recently ________.
4chan2009JuicyCampusDuke University

Question 4: The practice of cyberbullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition in adults, the distinction in age groups is referred to as ________ or cyberharassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults, sometimes directed on the basis of sex.

Question 5: In 2007, Debbie Heimowitz a ________ Master's student created Adina's Deck, a film based on Stanford accredited research.
Silicon ValleySan Jose, CaliforniaPalo Alto, CaliforniaStanford University

Question 6: 20 January 2008 — the ________'s 2008 edition of The Boy Scout Handbook addresses how to deal with online bullying.
History of the Boy Scouts of AmericaJersey Shore CouncilBoy Scouts of America membership controversiesBoy Scouts of America

Question 7: Sponsors of the conference included McAfee, ________, Disney, Procter & Gamble, Girl Scouts of the USA, WiredTrust, Children’s Safety Research and Innovation Centre, and others.
JapanUnited StatesNetscapeAOL

Question 8: These would include the suicide of Ryan Halligan and the suicide of Megan Meier, the latter of which resulted in ________.</ref>
Linda SánchezAmicus curiaeUnited States v. Lori DrewMySpace

Question 9: Cyber-bullying was the subject of a forum at the ________ chaired by Tim Loughton and Louise Burfitt-Dons of Act Against Bullying.
Politics of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United KingdomElections in the United Kingdom

Question 10: This online misogyny was not only directed at tech-bloggers but occurred in the ________ community too [35] [36] [37].
Free and open source softwareOpen-source softwareAlternative terms for free softwareFree software

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