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Cyanogen: Quiz


Question 1: It is a colorless, toxic ________ with a pungent odor.
TemperatureSpecific heat capacityThermodynamic temperatureGas

Question 2: Alternatively, one can combine solutions of copper(II) salts (such as ________) with cyanides, an unstable copper(II) cyanide is formed which rapidly decomposes into copper(I) cyanide and cyanogen.
Sodium nitriteEthanolCopper(II) sulfatePotassium permanganate

Question 3: Cyanogen is the ________ with the formula (CN)2.
ElectrochemistryChemical compoundChemistryInorganic chemistry

Question 4: The two cyano groups are bonded together at their ________ atoms: N≡C−C≡N, although other isomers have been detected.

Question 5: It is also formed when nitrogen and ________ are reacted by an electrical spark or discharge.

Question 6: For example ________ has the formula NCBr.
Cyanogen bromideCyanamideSerineCyanogen chloride

Question 7: Cyanogen has a long history and was most likely generated first by ________ around 1782 while he was studying hydrogen cyanide.
ChlorineCarl Wilhelm ScheeleOxygenBarium

Question 8: Industrially, it is created by the oxidation of hydrogen cyanide, usually using chlorine over an activated silicon dioxide ________ or nitrogen dioxide over a copper salt.
OxygenChemical kineticsAlkeneCatalysis

Question 9: It attained importance with the growth of the ________ industry in the late nineteenth century and is still an important intermediate in the production of many fertilizers.


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