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Question 1: The move is also described as an inverted ________, though it is not one, it only bears an inverted style to it.
Professional wrestling throwsNeckbreakerDDT (professional wrestling)Facebuster

Question 2: It is common for the wrestler to not properly apply the three-quarter facelock and the move to end up more in a ________ position.
Professional wrestling attacksProfessional wrestling aerial techniquesProfessional wrestling holdsFacebuster

Question 3: The term "cutter" in particular is derived from ________, one of the earliest users of the move, who dubbed it the "Diamond Cutter."
Ric FlairBooker HuffmanDiamond Dallas PageChris Benoit

Question 4: In ________, a cutter is a common term which refers to the three-quarter facelock bulldog maneuver.
Professional wrestlingGlobal Professional Wrestling AllianceNational Wrestling AllianceWorld Wrestling Entertainment


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